Rice ECE offering Second Semester Tuition Waiver

Receive an ECE Professional Master's degree with a second semester tuition waiver

Tuition Waiver Flyer

Rice ECE is offering a second-semester tuition waiver for qualified students.

The waivers are available to admitted students who have an expected graduation date of May 2021 or earlier. The waivers are through the Full Teaching Assistant (TA) Tutuion waiver plan and covers up to two semesters of tuition in exchange for twenty hours per week of TA work.

The deadline to apply is November 1st 2020 with decision notifications sent out by December 4th, 2020. For full application requirements and to apply, click here.

Please note, you must submit a course plan for the duration of the MEE program and have a letter of recommendation sent to meeadmissions@rice.edu. For more information please email meeadmissions@rice.edu.