Why an MECE?

A professional master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering can enhance and strengthen a career in industry. The degree is designed for the recent graduate or business professional who wishes to expand his or her engineering knowledge, without completing a thesis. The degree emphasizes practical aspects of engineering, combined with management and communication coursework, allowing graduates to rapidly advance in their careers.

An MECE degree at Rice University provides in-depth instruction in a wide variety of specialization areas, shaping students into leaders in their respective fields, and increasing their know-how. This non-thesis degree can be completed in three or four semesters. The degree is a bridge to industry, designed to provide advanced learning and specialized training in the applied aspects of ECE technology.

Salary Information

A Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering tops's list of top 10 best-paying master's degrees, with a median salary of $121,000 — more than the listed median for other engineering fields, including Computer Science.

Where Our Graduates Go

Our graduates have gone on to work at organizations such as:

  • IBM
  • Facebook
  • Schlumberger
  • Oracle
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Intel
  • Dell
  • Intuit
  • HP
  • Cyberonics

To understand the difference between our PhD and MECE program visit our handy quick guide here 

Fast Facts